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Big Bubble

An essential and yet sumptuous sofa that integrates an unprecedented level of comfort and a clean image through the careful study of proportions, filling materials and surface treatment. It is a mint product that combines the flair of something lived-in with the appeal of modern performance. The soft surfaces and extra flesh of a sofa that has lost its shameless turgidity are the sign of a lasting and mature elegance. The generous thickness and softness of the armrests and backrests provide unprecedented comfort.

Solid poplar, poplar plywood and birch plywood internal frame. Elastic support straps, polyurethane core, dacron lining coupled with cover material, leather or fabric cover, down-filled seat cushions.

Design Alberto Colzani, 2013

big game

Big Game

Big Game is inspired by a specific old sofa, classically sober in its lines, open in its volumes and comfortable in a contemporary sense because of the break-down of the internal filling and spring structure. We kept the original proportions of the prototype while changing the height, the seating angle, the inside filling, the skin and the stitching, both technically and aesthetically. This deconstruction process further increases the sofa’s softness and overall aged character while paradoxically neutralizing the antiquity of the prototype.

Solid poplar frame, helical metal coil springs, polyurethane core, dacron lining coupled with the cover material, leather or fabric cover, down-filled seat cushions.

Design Federico Carandini, 2013


Gotham armchair

The distinctive linear geometry and the visual lightness of the Gotham armchair come from its metal frame, a clean aerial structure that holds the seat and backrest cushions. These in contrast are generous and voluminous thus creating a visual juxtaposition between the supporting base and the upholstered elements, between structural need and seating comfort.. We upholster the cushions with covers made with panno Casentino, the traditional wool fabric from Tuscany, historically used for garments and brought by Epònimo to the world of contemporary furniture. It plays beautifully against the disciplined geometry of the armchair’s metal structure.

Grey cadet painted steel structure, polyurethane cushions with covers in casentino wool. Available with and without solid oak armrests.

Design Federico Carandini, 2014



In this armchair and pouf the cow-hide is both surface and structure. Like in an insect’s exoskeleton there is no internal support structure. In both products the polyurethane body is covered with cow-hide panels that once sewn together become structural. The material of the shells and their surfaces are rich but the objects are extremely light. The slight tilt of the armchair’s base and the flexibility of the armrests allow for a seating style that follows the movements of the body. Available in 30 colours.

Cow-hide shell, polyurethane core.

Design Alberto Colzani, 2013

heritage 1


It is a contemporary interpretation of a rare Chiavari dormeuse from the XIX century, surprisingly light and original in its forms. To update its design we simplified the lines, we eliminated the decorative lathe work, we used intertwined fabric straps for the seat and we chose a black matte finish. The dormeuse is still completely hand-made.

Solid maple wood painted matte black with red coloured fabric straps seat. Other finishes and colours available upon request.

Design Federico Carandini, 2014



“O” is made of multiple cow-hide panels sewn over steel frames. It’s an intelligent manufacturing technique re-invented here through an original and contemporary design. When seen from above the seat is a square inscribed in the circle defined by the backrest and armrests. Thanks to the plastic nature of cow-hide, this rigorous geometry when developed in space becomes a fluid and functional harmonic language. “O” is available in 30 colours.

Steel structure, cow-hide or contract leather cover, fabric-covered polyurethane pillow.

Design Alberto Colzani, 2013


Nova chair

Nova is a light-weight textile chair with a precious look and a fully removable fabric cover.
The internal structure is a minimal metal rod skeleton that supports the elastic straps and the polyurethane cushions and that determines the form of the upholstered chair. A fully textile look combined with physical and visual lightness and the possibility to remove the cover – through four zippers located under the seat – are the characteristics of an absolutely unique and original product. Nova is available with or without armrests.

Metal tube structure, elastic support belts, internal cushions in polyurethane, dacron lining, fabric or leather cover.

Design Federico Carandini, 2014


Rock table

A 4-legged table completely made of stone. Through a simple trick the table, which is in fact the assembly of five parts, appears sculpted from a solid block. The four lateral elements, once they are assembled with the top, become structural without the need for additional parts that would in turn compromise the sculptural effect of the piece. The surface of the table is treated with a slightly three-dimensional weathered finish that further increases the preciousness and uniqueness of the natural material and that in time hides potential scratches and stains.

White Carrara, black New Saint Laurent or Cipollino marble. Weathered finish. Other stones and finishes are available upon request.

Design Alberto Colzani, 2013


Nadi table

The project re-interprets the structure of an antique table, large but extremely light, through an aesthetic gesture that enhances the age and at the same time the modernity of the piece. The glass top reveals the skeleton of the support, typically hidden by a marble top. The contrast between inside and outside, between finished and unfinished, becomes the aesthetic theme, expressed through the use of two different woods (mahogany and larch) and two different finishes. The glass top creates a showcase-like effect, magnified by a chamfered plane along the inside of the frame and becomes a window to the history of the table.

Solid black-stained mahogany external structure, natural solid larch internal structure, tempered glass top. Other finishes and colours available upon request.

Design Federico Carandini, 2013