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Sexy Beast

Rich, plush, round volumes and luscious comfort in a small-sized sofa. The ends of the armrests and backrest are angled at 45 degrees: this visual trick greatly increases the perceived width of the elements and the perceived size of the sofa. In addition, while Sexy Beast is not a sectional piece, the angle helps to position two matching ones in a typical L-shaped composition. We use an absolute minimum amount of polyurethane and only in a very few critical points: the comfort of Sexy Beast is obtained through elastic straps, dacron and natural down. The covers are fully removable.

Poplar or pine solid and plywood internal frame. Elastic support straps, polyurethane core, dacron lining, leather or fabric cover, down-filled seat cushions.

Design Alberto Colzani, 2015

nova armchair_icona

Nova armchair

Nova is a light-weight textile armchair with a precious look and a fully removable fabric cover.
The internal structure is a minimal metal tube skeleton that supports the elastic straps and the polyurethane cushions and that determines the form of the upholstered chair. A fully textile look combined with physical and visual lightness and the possibility to remove the cover – through four zippers located under the seat – are the characteristics of an absolutely unique and original product. Nova is available with or without armrests.

Metal tube structure, elastic support belts, internal cushions in polyurethane, dacron lining, fabric or leather cover.

Design Federico Carandini, 2015

rock side table_icona

Rock side table

A 4-legged sidetable completely made of stone. Through a simple trick the sidetable, which is in fact the assembly of five parts, appears sculpted from a solid block. The four lateral elements, once they are assembled with the top, become structural without the need for additional parts that would in turn compromise the sculptural effect of the piece. The surface is finished with a light three-dimensional weathered finish that further increases the preciousness of the natural material and that in time hides potential scratches and stains. Available in two sizes.

White Carrara or black New Saint Laurent marble. Weathered finish. Other stones and finishes are available upon request.

Design Alberto Colzani, 2015

gotham side table_icona

Gotham side table

The Gotham side table/nightstand is simple, compact, rich and soft all at once. The base is made with a very thin squared metal tubing which results in a physically and visually light geometric structure. The top is upholstered in velvet to create a surface that is pleasing to the touch and gentler toward fragile items such as smartphones, eyeglasses, and watches. Available in 2 sizes.

Grey cadet painted steel structure with top upholstered in blue cotton velvet. The velvet top can be upholstered in different colors upon request. The steel structure can be painted in other colours upon request.

Design Federico Carandini, 2015