3 spaces for sleeping, living and dining, defined through lines, volumes and colours by architect Giovanni Cagnato. It’s the second phase of a process of redesigning and restructuring that he started in 2017 when the space was transformed into a powerful and elegant architectural installation that suggested its future evolution and revelead its history all at once. In 2018 the space is not yet a completed apartment but a series of suggestive rooms, each with its distinctive identity and colour palette and each hosting a few objects chosen by Cagnato together with a measured selection of Eponimo’s pieces. Most are new for 2018, some from the existing collection, but all are dressed for the occasion and all bear a faint scent of spring: yellow and sage velvet, bright green casentino, blue eucalyptus, new saint laurent and cipollino marble patterns. They become the vibrant outer shells of objects that have their origin in a true design process and that can claim a much deeper reason to be than that of surface decoration. Economy of material, intelligence of construction, life expectancy, innovation and familiarity: these are some of the elements of their DNA. But here they carry a lighter spirit, more appropriate for the season and the geography.
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